The AAF protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities. Our nationwide grassroots network of corporate partners and advertising professionals are ready and able to engage with lawmakers on behalf of the advertising industry on tax, privacy, First Amendment and other issues of concern.


Advertising Day on the Hill

Advertising Day on the Hill is an important and exciting event designed to dramatically demonstrate to lawmakers the power and passion of the advertising industry’s grassroots network—the members of the American Advertising Federation’s local clubs and federations from across the country.


Legislative Comments & Testimony

The AAF, often in coordination with others, works on behalf of the industry to provide comments and testimony on newly emerging and evolving legislative and regulatory issues affecting the advertising community. Issues included data privacy, advertising taxes, First Amendment rights and other areas of concern.

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Legislative Alerts

The AAF's Government Affairs team is constantly working with federal, state and local legislators on issues concerning the advertising industry. This includes appeals to Congress through letter-writing, engaging local media outlets to inform the public, and providing testimony at legislative hearings across the country.

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Government Reports

Emailed monthly during the congressional year, this newsletter provides a brief overview of advertising-related policy and legislative developments on the federal, state and local levels.

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