AAF Legislative Alerts

On behalf of the advertising industry, we oppose HB 987 as currently drafted, because the bill is out of step with other existing state privacy laws.
Clark Rector, EVP, government affairs at American Advertising Federation, on a day to demonstrate to lawmakers the power and passion of the advertising industry’s grassroots network.
As you may know, privacy legislation is making its way through the Florida legislature. It has passed the House and has been sent to the Senate. AAF believes the legislation is flawed and being unnecessarily rushed through towards passage.
Good news. The Representative Petrie, Chairman of the Appropriations and Revenue Committee and author of HB 8 has removed the ad tax from the bill. It would appear that lawmakers heard loud and clear from the industry that an ad tax is a bad tax.
State RepresentativeJason Petrie (R-Elkton) Chair of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee introduced HB 8, which would expand Kentucky’s 6% gross receipts sales and use tax base to 39 new services.
We have learned that Senator Thomas’ privacy legislation is likely to pass out of the Consumer Protection Committee on Tuesday although its prospects after that are still uncertain. The letter will be filed with the committee on Monday.
State Sen. Kevin Thomas (D-Nassau County) has introduced data privacy legislation intended to establish data privacy protections to strengthen a consumer’s ability to access, manage, and protect their personal data.
Comments filed by AAF, ANA and other industry partners with the Maryland Comptroller’s Office regarding proposed regulations to implement the state’s digital advertising tax.