AAF Government Reports

Digital Advertising May Be Linked to Infrastructure; “Big Tech” Critic Confirmed as FTC Chair; State Privacy Update
Colorado Legislature Passes Privacy Bill; Privacy and Tax Measures Die as Legislatures Adjourn; California Privacy Agency Holds First Meeting; Federal Privacy Hearings May Be Coming Soon; AAF’s Return to Advertising Day on the Hill
Maryland Delays Digital Ad Tax; State Privacy Update; ​States Look at Taxing Advertising; Federal Privacy Legislation May Be Coming
Maryland Legislators May Amend Digital Ad Tax; State Privacy Update; Aaf and California Clubs Oppose Commercial Mail Restriction; Texas Day in the Capitol; AAF Announces Next Government Affairs Committee Meeting
Maryland Enacts Digital Ad Tax; Nebraska Looks at Taxing Advertising and Other Services; State Privacy Update
Maryland Digital Ad Tax to Be Decided Soon, Privacy Update, Government Affairs Committee, Day on the Hill
Tax Issues May Loom Large in 2021 Privacy Update AAF Plans Day on the Hill A Special Message from AAF President & CEO, Steve Pacheco .