Council of Governors


Larry Brantley, President, Chaloner

Vice Chair

Danielle Salley, Senior Art Director, Chernoff Newman


Leigh Farrior, Production Director, Stamp Idea Group

Immediate Past Chair

Mary Lee, Creative Director, Frontier Strategies


District 1 Governor: Jasmine Turner, Trilia Media 
District 2 Governor: Josh Gumulak, FARM Buffalo
District 3 Governor: Lenza Jolley, South Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association 
District 4 Governor: Jonathan Ruhff, Push Button Creative Audio 
District 5 Governor: Tobias Roediger, RAVE
District 6 Governor: Beth Fischer, Curvology 
District 7 Governor: Michelle Clarke Payne, United Way of Southwest Louisiana
District 8 Governor: Shannon Steffke, Dakota State University 
District 9 Governor: Lisa Conklin, Firespring 
District 10 Governor: Stephanie Price, Cultural Foundation of the Texas Panhandle
District 11 Governor: Christal Gammill, Team One
District 12 Governor: Laura Schnarr, The St. Louis Press Club
District 13 Governor: Paul Lam, Media Buy Paul, LLC
District 14 Governor: Heather Smith, Advisr 
District 15 Governor: Andrés Estrada, Lamar Advertising Company
Ad 2 National Chair: Tina Tsang, Firehouse

Division Chairs

Division 1: Farhan Rehmani, Bestview Digital Advertising
Division 2: Josh Gumulak, Gelia
Division 3: Joey Wallace, United Way of the Midlands
Division 4: Alexis Quintal, Triad Retail Media
Division 5: Khrystyn Huynh, Honolulu Federal Credit Union

AAF Staff

Dawn Reeves
EVP, Club Services, Membership & Programs


Amanda Dehart
Manager, Club Services, Membership & Programs