Council of Governors

Larry Brantley, President, Chaloner

Vice Chair: 

Danielle Salley, Senior Art Director, Chernoff Newman

Leigh Farrior, Production Director, Stamp Idea Group

Immediate Past Chair
Mary Lee, Creative Director, Frontier Strategies

District 1 Governor: Jasmine Turner, Trilia Media 
District 2 Governor: Josh Gumulak, FARM Buffalo
District 3 Governor: Lenza Jolley, South Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association 
District 4 Governor: Jonathan Ruhff, Push Button Creative Audio 
District 5 Governor: Tobias Roediger, RAVE
District 6 Governor: Beth Fischer, Curvology 
District 7 Governor: Michelle Clarke Payne, United Way of Southwest Louisiana
District 8 Governor: Shannon Steffke, Dakota State University 
District 9 Governor: Lisa Conklin, Firespring 
District 10 Governor: Stephanie Price, Cultural Foundation of the Texas Panhandle
District 11 Governor: Christal Gammill, Team One
District 12 Governor: Laura Schnarr, The St. Louis Press Club
District 13 Governor: Paul Lam, Media Buy Paul, LLC
District 14 Governor: Heather Smith, Advisr 
District 15 Governor: Andrés Estrada, Lamar Advertising Company
Ad 2 National Chair: Tina Tsang, Firehouse

Division Chairs: 
Division 1: Farhan Rehmani, Bestview Digital Advertising
Division 2: Josh Gumulak, Gelia
Division 3: Joey Wallace, United Way of the Midlands
Division 4: Alexis Quintal, Triad Retail Media
Division 5: Khrystyn Huynh, Honolulu Federal Credit Union

AAF Staff

Dawn Reeves
EVP, Club Services, Membership & Programs


Amanda Dehart
Manager, Club Services, Membership & Programs