Semi-Final Competition

Once the in-person district and virtual district competitions wrap up, all first-place district winners will advance to the semi-finals to compete for one of eight national finalist spots. Following the district competitions, the presentation from each qualifying team will be recorded and forwarded to a judging panel for review.

Practitioners in advertising and other related disciplines in media, marketing and research will judge the semi-finals. While the judges review the 20-minute presentation, the AAF National office will schedule a date and time for each team to have a 10-minute video conference Q&A session with the judges. The teams’ rankings will be based on the presentation scores and the answers provided during the Q&A session.


2021 NSAC Semi-Finalists

District 1

Endicott College

District 2

George Washington University
Marist College

District 3

University of Virginia

District 4

Florida State University

District 5

University of Kentucky

District 6

Grand Valley State University
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

District 7

Loyola University New Orleans 

District 8

University of South Dakota

District 9

University of Missouri—Columbia

District 10

Oklahoma State University
Texas Christian University

District 11

Idaho State University

District 12

Arizona State University

District 14

University of California at Berkeley

District 15

California State University, Fullerton