National Student Advertising Competition Forms and Resources

Documents and Form(s)

NSAC 2021 Intent to Participate Form
NSAC 2021 Student Code of Conduct Form
NSAC 2021 Reminder Sheet
NSAC 2021 Presentation Title Slide Template

Case Study and Policies & Procedures

NSAC 2021 Case Study: Tinder  (updated 9/11/20)
(Password protected. Password provided after completing Intent to Participate Form) 
NSAC 2021 Policies & Procedures 


Tinder logos can be found in the linked Brand Guidelines in the Case Study
NSAC Logos can be downloaded here.

Case Questions

Faculty Q&A Transcript–9/9/20
Faculty Q&A Video Session–9/9/20
Student Q&A Video Session–9/30/2020
 Student Q&A Video Session - 11/11/2020  
Student Q&A Video Session - 2/4/2021

Submit Questions Here
All student and faculty questions must only be in regards to case clarification or additional company information. Teams are expected to do their own research and should not ask questions of Tinder that they would be reasonably able to attain through their own research. Teams also are not allowed to seek professional guidance on their campaign strategies or materials, and therefore will not be permitted to ask questions regarding their individual campaign ideas and executions.

NSAC 2020 Winning Campaigns

1st Place Winner: University of Virginia: Presentation ($30)
1st Place Winner: University of Virginia: Plans Book  ($15)
2nd Place: Texas State University: Plans Book  ($10)
For plans books and presentations prior to 2020 and for other AAF-related items, please visit the Member Shop.