2021 AAF Legislative Alerts

Comments filed by AAF, ANA and other industry partners with the Maryland Comptroller’s Office regarding proposed regulations to implement the state’s digital advertising tax.
As you know the Florida Legislature has been considering very harmful privacy legislation. Tomorrow, AAF and a number of our association partners will be sending a letter to legislative leaders.
As I am sure you know, the Maryland General Assembly passed the legislation delaying implementation of the Digital Ad Tax for one year and excluding broadcasters and news media entities from the tax.
The hearing on the Commercial Mail bill scheduled for April 5 was cancelled at the request of the sponsor, State Senator Monique Limon.
As you know, the Digital Ad Tax is now Maryland law. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty – within the business community and government – as to what that means.
State Senator Monique Limon (D) has introduced legislation that would place overly restrictive and duplicative restrictions on the use of commercial mail for advertising purposes.
Later today the Florida House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee will be taking up HB 969, the Computer Data Privacy Act. While AAF supports meaningful privacy protections for Florida consumers, this legislation would not achieve those goals.
Last week the Hawaii Senate Committee on Government Operations conducted a hearing on SB 1009, a consumer privacy bill. While AAF supports effective privacy protections for all Hawaiians, we believe this legislation is overly restrictive.
I am sorry to let you know that despite our best efforts, earlier today the Maryland Senate voted to override Governor Hogan’s veto of the digital advertising tax.
As you may be aware, yesterday the Oklahoma Legislature’s House Committee on Technology voted to approve the Oklahoma Data Privacy Act. If approved, it would be one of the most restrictive state privacy laws in the nation.