July/August 2022

Insights from Steve Pacheco

President & CEO, American Advertising Federation

Happy New (Club) Year!

I know we’re all still very much in the “dog days” of Summer—but this month also marks the start of an all new Club year for the AAF.  May I be the first to wish you a very Happy New Year!

All across America we have a wave of new District Governors, Lieutenant Governors, District Coordinators, Club Presidents, Committee Chairs and various Club and Chapter leadership across the AAF grass roots network.  Some are brand new leaders and are stepping up to a leadership role for the very first time.  And with all that comes all of the excitement, enthusiasm, and energy that you always have around a New Year!  It’s well worth celebrating!

It’s not only a New Year for the AAF, it’s also a fresh start for lots of our new volunteer leadership that has come in to our Local and Regional Clubs and Districts and in our Council of Governors and our National Education Executive Council and our Mosaic Center and—well you get the idea…With these new leaders and new energy—we all get a new start.  And an opportunity to make our mark on these next 12 months. A few things I do know…this year will fly by, it will present you with some new (unexpected) challenges and more than a few wonderful opportunities and it will be a time of growth and personal and professional development for you. Make the most of this year!   

Fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome at the AAF. We’re very much a “work in progress” at this point and are open to your ideas and suggestions and inputs and insights.

Now is the perfect time for you to speak up and make your voice heard—after all—we are “The Unifying Voice for Advertising”. YOU are the leaders of this organization and, as such, are expected to lead by example with your unique perspective.  It’s that uniqueness that makes the AAF special and different (and better!)

A reminder that the AAF Staff is always here for you. With resources and support. We want YOU to succeed and we want you to have a memorable year of experiences and wins! Dawn and Amanda and the entire AAF Team are your biggest fans and supporters!

Cheers to a New Year!  Let’s make this one great!


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 Posted: August 2022