November/December 2022

Insights from Steve Pacheco

President & CEO, American Advertising Federation

When Does 1 + 1 + 1 = 10? When It’s the AAF….

I was never that good at Math—but I know a thing or two about the value of your AAF Membership. And the Good News is that it works on not one, not two but three levels!!!

Just stop to consider that the AAF is the only three-tiered National trade organization that supports the entire Advertising, Media, and Marketing industries—and we do it all at the Local, Regional and National level—you quickly realize that our difference is our strength.  

From a local AAF Collegiate Chapter on 150 campuses across America, to one of our 140 AAF Clubs or affiliates, to our 15 District Governors to our Regional Leadership Conferences to our Council of Governors and our National Educational Executive Council to our Mosaic Center to our Corporate Partners—the AAF does not simply add value— it multiplies the value of your AAF Membership at each level.   

The AAF provides our Members the opportunity to develop leadership skills at all three levels and our unique grass roots network provides the infrastructure and framework for successfully supporting you and your career no matter what level you may be at right now. 

The AAF also does a World Class job of developing the Next Generation of talent for these industries. And our Mosaic Center is highly regarded as a leader in workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs that have become the industry standard for acceptable practices. 

As the “Unifying Voice for Advertising” we all come together, work together and collaborate on issues and programs that advance our industries and promote and protect our profession. There is strength in our numbers and proven results from our work. 

As a 501c6 we strive to invest most all our revenue back into programs that support the entire Advertising industry.  Your local club dues help support our entire organization and provide valuable funding for these (and other) programs that are important on all levels. 

There are so many opportunities for you to get even more involved and engaged with the AAF and the work we do— just reach out to find a way to get involved in your AAF today at the Local, Regional or National level.   

I promise you will get back more than you put in. It’s just Math.


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 Posted: December 2022