October 2020

Insights from Steve Pacheco

President & CEO, American Advertising Federation

So Many Opportunities for Volunteer Leadership at the AAF…..

I am very aware that there is an important National Election going on right now.  (How can you miss it?)

I am also painfully aware that true Leadership has never been more critical in our Nation and in our communities.

The backdrop of this most recent election caused me to think much more about many of the Leadership opportunities I have had the joy of experiencing during my 30+ years with the AAF at every level.

As an AAF Student Member at Memphis State University way back when…and getting thrown in with other College Juniors and Seniors, I quickly saw that no one was leading the Team, so I just jumped in and assumed Leadership of our little rag tag bunch of NSAC competitors and said effectively, “I am the Captain now.”   (That’s a Captain Philips reference)

That was a great early lesson in assumptive volunteer Leadership…and it was right there for the taking.  After all, if you can get 10-12 undisciplined College kids pulled together on a group project with a hard deadline and a tough Faculty Advisor watching over your every move, you are leading.

As a volunteer- led, National non-profit organization that advocates daily for the Advertising, Marketing and Media industries, the AAF is always on the lookout for volunteer leaders who can help us advance our agenda to continue to be “The Unifying Voice for Advertising.” 

There are so many opportunities for you to volunteer your Leadership capabilities at every level within the AAF network. At the local Club level—at any one of our 160+ professional chapters, at the regional level (there are 15 AAF Districts across the USA) and at the National level with the AAF Council of Governors, AAF Board Committee work, American Advertising Awards, Mosaic Center, APEX Speakers Bureau, AAF Education Services and so much more.

And if nothing on this long and varied list appeals to you, just start your own focus area within the AAF and lead where you are.  With a National grass roots Network that spans all of North America, and that supports the entire Advertising, Marketing and Media industries, there’s always an opportunity for great leaders.

We’re all very excited and enthusiastic about the future Leadership of the American Advertising Federation during such an important time in its over 100-year history.  The industry we serve is in a period of unprecedented change, and Leadership now, and in the future, will be key to succeeding in this rapidly changing environment. 

The American Advertising Federation brings together the current and future leaders of our members businesses, from corporate marketers and advertising & marketing agencies to media companies and platforms, and Leadership at every level of this organization can drive innovation and growth for the industry on behalf of our thousands of members across the country.

And, don’t forget that Leadership from any area is usually fully transferrable in to your current and future career, your extra-curricular activities, and in your own community.  

Check in with your local, regional or National AAF Leadership and see where best you can plug in and lead.  The AAF Network will provide you with plenty of new opportunities, bright ideas, true inspiration and growth possibilities.

Take the lead!


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 Posted: October 2020