December 2019

Insights from Steve Pacheco

President & CEO, American Advertising Federation

New Beginnings!

This is a very exciting time for The American Advertising Federation!

We are literally and figuratively “On the Move”.

After so many years at one address, and making so many significant positive impacts on the Advertising community, we are now better positioned than ever to take on the New Year, a new decade and new challenges!

The AAF just moved offices for the first time in over 30 years…and the fact that the new place is only 6 blocks over from 1101 Vermont Avenue (our home since the '80s) to 1101 K Street NW (our shiny new place), it really seems like it’s a whole other world.

In preparation for the move, the AAF Staff sorted through mountains of archives and files and tapes and letters and books and magazines and newspaper clippings and…stuff.  We held on to the best things and the “historically significant” pieces.  We also held on to the stories and the events and all those great memories. 

Our old space was dark and full of wood (think “old school” bank office or maybe an Insurance Agency).

Our new space is an LEED Certified building.  It has lots of natural light, big windows that look out over our Nation’s capital and some crisp, clean, contemporary furniture.  This new space gives us room to grow, better serve our Members and to be able to host special events and receptions here in Washington.  We are looking forward to hosting you here soon.

Come see us whenever you are in Washington DC. We’d love to show you around YOUR new AAF headquarters!

And, as always, Thanks for all you do for the AAF.

We've been settling into our new space on K Street and we look forward to making new memories here. A new home is just the first element of some exciting transformations coming to The AAF!  

Stay tuned!

Make sure you’ve updated our address in your contacts:

The American Advertising Federation
1101 K Street NW.  Suite 420 
Washington DC 20005
[email protected]
—Steve Pacheco

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 Posted: December 2019