National Education Executive Council Bylaws

The purpose of the hereinafter stated rules and procedures of operation for the National Education Executive Committee (NEEC) of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) is to define those areas of composition and practice which are pertinent to this body in accordance to Article XII of the AAF Bylaws.

Article I–Mission

The NEEC shall be responsible for advancing the interests of students in the study of advertising, and promoting close ties and liaison between faculty, students and advertising professionals. NEEC members should represent the diversity of the study and practice of advertising.

Article II—Structure

The AAF Academic Division is governed by the NEEC, which is headed by an elected Chair. The AAF Education Services shall aid the Chair in the conduct of the business for the NEEC and shall assist in the development of meaningful education programs for students pursuing or potentially pursuing academic studies in advertising. All decisions of the NEEC are subject to the approval of the AAF Board of Directors in accordance with AAF Bylaws. The Bylaws of the AAF shall serve as the single policy source in all matters pertaining to the administration of the NEEC.

Article III—Membership

The NEEC shall consist of 15 educators, appointed by the Chair in consultation with the AAF President, and the head of AAF Mosaic Center and Education Services. Educators shall be appointed with consideration of AAF District representation and shall come from member schools (one from each district), which have an active AAF College Chapter, although they need not be the designated adviser to that Chapter.
In addition to those educators representing the AAF Districts, the Chair, in consultation with the AAF President, may also appoint up to 6 at-large educators to the NEEC, who are not from already represented member schools and up to 4 at-large NEEC members from the practicing field of advertising. One at-large member must be NSAC District Coordinator. No more than 2 NEEC members can be from the same district.

Educator members and at-large members shall be appointed to no more than two three-year consecutive terms but may be reappointed at a later date. At-large NSAC District Coordinator shall be appointed to a one year term. Their numbers shall rotate by one-third each year, other than at-large NSAC District Coordinator. Terms shall commence on July 1 of the year of the appointment. Should a member leave education or the practice of advertising or resign his or her committee appointment, or be absent from two consecutive meetings of the NEEC, the AAF president may appoint a new educator or practitioner to serve the remaining portion of that term of the applicable vacant position.

Article IV—Officers

The officers of the NEEC shall be:

  1. Chair
  2. Chair-elect
  3. Advisory Committee

All officers shall be elected in accordance with the AAF Bylaws and the NEEC Rules and Procedures. Each officer shall serve a two year term.
The Chair shall serve as chief executive officer of the NEEC. The Chair shall be responsible for carrying out the aims and purposes of the NEEC. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the NEEC and shall serve on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the AAF.

 The Chair shall be assisted by the Chair-elect. The Chair-elect will be a member of the AAF Board of Directors, shall serve as assistant to the Chair and in his or her absence, will act for him or her and perform such duties as assigned by the Chair.
The Academic Division Advisory Committee shall consist of the three previous chairs and shall counsel the Chair on the activities of the NEEC. They shall continue as voting members of the NEEC.

Article V—Nominations & Elections

The NEEC shall elect its own officers. The Chair-elect shall be elected from among the academician members.

The NEEC’s Nominating Committee shall consist of the Chair’s Advisory Committee, the Chair, Chair-elect and the head of AAF Mosaic Center and Education Services.

 In March of every other year, the Nominating Committee’s slate will be emailed to NEEC members with a return ballot deadline set at the end of the month. The Chair and Chair-elect for the next two year term will be announced at the annual summer meeting.

Article VI—Committees

The Chair shall appoint all members of standing and ad hoc committees and shall serve as an ex officio member of each.

 The standing committees consist of:

  1. National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)
  2. AAF Promotion and College Chapter Recruitment
  3. Faculty Outreach
  4. Distinguished Advertising Educator Award.

The Chair may recommend additional committees or ad hoc committees.

Article VII—Meetings

The NEEC traditionally meets at least twice a year. The Chair may call other meetings of the Committee with the concurrence of a majority of the Committee members.

  1. Annual Fall Meeting: The NEEC shall meet during the fall of each year at the location of the student conference. The primary purpose of this meeting shall be to review progress of ongoing projects and responsibilities assigned to the various committees.
  2. Annual Summer Meeting: The NEEC shall meet during the summer of each year at  ADMERICA, AAF's national conference. The objective of this meeting is to draw conclusion to those ongoing projects discussed during the annual fall meeting and evaluate which projects to continue into the next year. New projects or business may also be brought forth.

Article VIII—Quorum

At any meeting of the NEEC, ten members shall constitute a quorum. All motions or resolutions to prevail at any meeting of the NEEC must receive a majority of the votes, cast in person, unless otherwise provided herein. Proxy votes are not permitted unless pre-approved by the Chair under special circumstances.

Article IX—Conduct of Meetings

Roberts Rule of Order, Revised, shall govern all meetings of the NEEC and the Advisory Committee, except where otherwise provided in these rules and procedures.

Article X—Amendments

Any proposed amendments to these policies must be approved by a majority of the votes cast in person by NEEC members present at any meeting.