Chic Davis Memorial Award

Chic Davis Memorial Award


2015 Recipient

Nicole Fellers

Nicole Fellers, member of AAF Houston, was chosen to receive the 2015 Chic Davis Memorial Award. Nicole has been an integral member of AAF Houston since 2005 and has served on the club’s board of directors since 2010. She has served as a key leader of the American Advertising Awards competition from 2004–2015.

Awarded annually, the Chic Davis Memorial Award was developed to honor Chic Davis, a longtime member of the AAF, whose years of service were committed to the success of the American Advertising Awards. Chic was known for his significant contributions to the overall award program at the local, district and national levels. The Chic Davis Memorial Award is presented to a member of one of the AAF's local clubs or federations whose service to the American Advertising Awards exemplifies those of Chic Davis.

Over the years, Nicole has been applauded for setting high standards for the local competition in Houston. She has assured the club’s success with the entry process, judging component and creating many memorable awards galas to recognize the winners of the competition.

“Nicole’s dedication and commitment to the program has helped AAF Houston succeed in creating the American Advertising Awards as an annual event to recognize the high caliber of advertising work created in the Houston market," said Joanne Schecter, Executive Vice President, Club Services, the American Advertising Federation. "She has set an example for others to follow." 

Nicole has been recognized for her many years of volunteer service to AAF Houston and has set the course for the club’s future success. She has established herself as a bridge for engaging members with the competition, and as a result has helped AAF Houston identify additional revenues, new memberships and sponsorship opportunities.