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Your local American Advertising Awards are the first step to National recognition for your members. Make them meaningful!

Product Description
Optical grade crystal awards with 3D laser etching inside the crystal, mounted on a black crystal base with gold, silver, and bronze plates. Blank plates can be supplied for personalization by local engraver. Blank plates can be sent in advance of the awards. A beautiful presentation box is included. 

Duplicate Awards as Revenue
We will have extra awards in stock after your event for you to sell duplicates to your winners and generate a revenue from those sales. 


  • Manufacturing time is 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Ground shipping (least expensive) to most locations is 3-7 days.
  • We suggest that you estimate the usage this year without concern of over ordering or under ordering. We accept an order for whatever you think you may use. This tells us how to control our inventories. When you get you final numbers (January-March) confirm what you actually need and that is what we send to you. No more or less than you need.

Engraving Instructions
Guidelines for engraving AAF’s American Advertising Awards. 

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