Legislative Alert: July 28, 2020


Subject: AAF Alert—DC Ad Tax Rejected

AAF Leaders,
I am pleased to let you know that a few minutes ago the Washington DC City Council gave final approval to the Fiscal Year 2021 budget without the proposed 3% tax on advertising.
Congratulations and thank you to members of AAF-DC, Ad 2 DC and AAF-DC President Hal Schild for their leadership and representing the advertising industry before the Council.
Thank you also to other members of the AAF Board and grassroots who contacted the Council in opposition to the tax. Many Councilmembers specifically mentioned the large numbers of emails and other contacts they received about the issue.
I am proud to work with and represent such a responsive and effective advertising industry association.
All the best,

Clark Rector
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
American Advertising Federation
1101 K Street, NW, Suite 420
Washington, DC  20005