Change the Narrative Toolkit: Logistical Timeline

12 weeks out
  • Confirm date, venue & budget
  • Outreach to potential speakers (Goal: 4-5 panelists; 1 moderator)

11 weeks out
  • Draft speaker guide with objectives, end goals & questions

10 weeks out
  • Speakers & moderator confirmed
  • Finalize & share speaker guide with moderator

8 weeks out
  • Share panel discussion guide with all speakers
  • Begin promotion- email, newsletter mention, online registration page activated

6 weeks out
  • Distribute event press release
  • Confirm photographer/recording resources

5 weeks out
  • Host call with moderator & speakers, #1

4 weeks out
  • Begin social media promotion-post regularly leading up to event (at least one per week)

2 weeks out
  • Host call with moderator & speakers, #2

1 –2 weeks out
  • Print booklet/1-pager with background info, bios, etc.

1 week out
  • Send follow-up email to registrants with logistics and reminders

Day of event
  • Livestream via your organization’s social media platforms

Day after event
  • Recap event on social media with photos and direction on how individuals can find more information and resources


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