Danielle Tiedt

Chief Marketing Officer, YouTube

Danielle Tiedt joined Google in May of 2012 as YouTube’s Chief Marketing Officer, and since then has worked to showcase and grow the magic of the platform. Under her leadership, YouTube Marketing has focused on building mainstream recognition for YouTube stars and shows, building the growing tribe of global creators and endemic music artists across 76 countries, developing YouTube Music—now the number one music service for GenC, bringing the first ever YouTube Kids app to market, launching the YT Red subscription service, and creating a series of beautiful, fun, and crazy moments celebrating YouTube fans and the role they play in the culture we love. Prior to Google, Danielle worked in a variety of roles at Microsoft for over 15 years. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now lives in San Francisco with her husband and young son. Outside of work, Danielle enjoys great music, great art, anything outdoors, and is a member of the board at Habitat for Humanity for Greater San Francisco.

Last Updated: May 2016