Karrelle Dixon

Director of Emerging Markets, Wieden+Kennedy

Karrelle Dixon is the director of emerging markets at Wieden+Kennedy. His role focuses on extending W+K’s global client relationships to maximize the network’s potential in key regions.

Previously he was the global account director for the agency’s biggest account, Nike, based in Portland, Oregon. Karrelle joined W+K London in 2006 as an account manager on Nike and other agency brands.

World-class campaigns he has worked on include Run London, Nike Five, Risk Everything (World Cup), Rise (LeBron James), Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant), Better World, Find Your Greatness (2012 Summer Olympics), and many others.

While running the Nike business, Karrelle worked collaboratively with his Nike global management team and W+K regional heads to win the business in Brazil, Korea, and India. This further dimensionalized the relationship between W+K and Nike, becoming a truly global partnership with creative impact across all eight W+K offices around the world.

Karrelle began his career in advertising working on new business at a small agency in London before moving on to Fallon London to work on new business and the BBC. In a previous life, he was a professional rugby player for the London Wasps and was awarded the prestigious Oxford Blue award while studying for his second master’s in psychology (the first being from Brunel University London).

He is passionate about sport/competition and has an opinion on every type of sporting endeavor, from tiddlywinks to MMA.

Last Updated: May 2016