Tara Comonte

CFO & COO, Worldwide, Mediabrands 

"Brilliant ideas are one thing. Making them real is another.” 

As Worldwide CFO & COO of IPG’s Mediabrands Tara Comonte oversees the commercial excellence of all Mediabrands companies.  Sitting at the helm of all financial/operational decisions, Tara has transformed Mediabrands into a leading global media organization.  Tara’s additional responsibilities as COO is around further diversification of Mediabrands businesses, increased levels of automation and technology and driving maximum operational effectiveness of all our operations.  

As CFO & COO, Tara’s view on the media business is unmatched.  Her role is strategic business development and commercial excellence.  Clients need business partners to develop marketing platforms to protect their investments, focus on performance and ROI.  The CFO will help lead those conversations and you’ll want Tara at the table.  She wants to work with clients to develop creative and value-based remuneration methodologies; in fact she’s been doing this her whole career. 

Tara has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of business and operations including, mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring with a specific understanding of business associated with the marketing communications sector.  Tara’s knowledge about our industry keeps her engaged in the growth and success of our business, both existing agencies within Mediabrands and even new ventures. Recognizing the need to inspire a collaborative and entrepreneurial culture, which is uncommon language for a CFO, Tara, created the first ever Mediabrands Venture Fund, which provides financial support to turn ideas, from anyone one of the 6,500 employees worldwide, into tangible, real-life businesses.

Last Updated: 2009