Most Promising Multicultural Student

Most Promising Multicultural Students Program


Most Promising Class of 2017


Chantelle Aguilar

Chaminade University of Honolulu

Avoid the current, catch the wave.
“Chantelle is an extremely conscientious student who never takes the path of least resistance.”
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Bria Benjamin

University of Texas at Austin

I’m not the female version of anyone.
“Bria fit in with the rest of the team seamlessly and earned the trust and respect of our Creative Director.”
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Marquis Burch

Columbia College Chicago

The name you’ll know.
“Marquis Burch is a rock star example of what young AAF pre-professionals should be.”
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Victoria L. Castro

San Jose State University

Empowering others to empower each other.
“She is an individual who has passion! A passion to be a good communicator and a passion to succeed!”
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Alexandra D. DeCespedes

University of Central Florida

Everyone’s designer friend.
“She will continue to work hard to exceed expectations, make smart contributions and create a positive impression.”
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Catharine Orasa DeLong

Brigham Young University

Create! I’ve jammed my mom’s sewing machine over 300 times.
“Cat gets advertising. She gets that hard work, dedication and drive are needed to make things happen.”
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Joanna Marie Diaz

St. John's University

Everyone needs a little push sometimes, I can be that push.
“While Joanna is an engaged student, her work as a marketing club secretary and now president is truly outstanding.”
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Carlos Estrada

University of South Florida

Anything is amazing.
“The traits I admire most about Carlos are his hunger and ambition for a career in advertising.”
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Linnea K. Goodman

University of Central Florida

Strong mind. Strong body. Like a girl.
“Her work in my class was always on point and demonstrated she cared a great deal about getting it right.”
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Niel K. Guaman

Ithaca College

I see in the ordinary what others can't even see in the extraordinary.
“Niel works very hard to achieve the very high standards he sets for himself.”
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Nimra Haroon

University of Houston

Focus On Your Progress. Author Your Own Story.
“Nimra is one of those rare students who works hard to make a difference in the world.”
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Dylan G. Hermosillo

Art Institute of Tucson

Might as well learn it all.
“Dylan is one of the most enterprising students I have been fortunate to come across.”
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S. Key Higdon

University of Oregon

Making more since ‘94.
“What I value most about Key is his accountability and good nature. He’s here working all the time, smiling and helping people.”
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Chardonnay A. Ismail

University of South Carolina

You can do it if you believe you can.
“Chardonnay is a go-getter who puts what she has learned in the classroom into action.”
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KaJuan D. Jackson

Howard University

Regardless of the task, look no further. KJ gets it done.
“KaJuan demonstrated his ability to understand the strategic communication process, from conception to execution.”
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Dominique C. Johnson

Oral Roberts University

I try to make every story a campfire story.
“Dom deserves this glowing endorsement…his inquisitive nature is needed in the world of advertising.”
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Venezia R. Jones

Western Michigan University

Don't follow the trend. Create a new one.
“Venezia is dependable and highly motivated, and you can count on her initiative to see any task through.”
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Kenny Kang

Brigham Young University

Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.
“My favorite quality of Kenny is his humility. He approaches his life and work with such humility. I have no doubt this approach will take him far in life.“
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Esther J. Knox

University of Oregon

My thoughts are little sparks of madness in a fire of ingenuity.
“Esther will one day become a valuable asset for an agency and make a positive contribution to the advertising industry.”
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Amanda M. Koontz

West Texas A&M University

Cool is weird before it’s cool.
“I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Amanda to be an ambassador for this excellent program.”
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Emily Rebecca Laramy

University of Georgia

Empowered by design, art director by choice, short against my wishes.
“Emily has breathed new life into the agency including overseeing the daily operations of a 40-person staff.”
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Brittany D. Lee

University of Memphis

The New Creative.
“Brittany is an excellent writer and designer and knows how to combine [those skills].”
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Monica J. Lopez

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Visionary communicating the role of advertising in social justice.
“She has a serious commitment to human rights, social responsibility and passion about social justice issues.”
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Jamison D. McDermott

University of Illinois

Whoever said dream jobs were unattainable was clearly too afraid to try.
“Amazing talent. Impeccable character. Infinite passion. And one of the nicest people on the planet.”
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Christina M. Mevs

University of Houston

Make the Mevs Impression.
“Her background in advertising and marketing makes her a candidate for any account management or strategic planning position.”
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Simran M. Mirchandani

George Washington University

Curious, adventurous, authentic.
“Her deep appreciation of her peers' experiences and backgrounds comes from her own diverse upbringing..”
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Alexis S. Monroe

University of South Carolina

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
“I’m thrilled that I get to continue working with Alexis…her business instincts are first rate, and her writing skills are exceptional.”
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Marisol Moran-Sendra

Southern Methodist University

Creating strategic solutions driving innovation and creativity.
“Marisol excels at management of both people and projects. She consistently sets a very high bar among her peers.”
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Adriana Moreno

University of South Dakota

Pushing boundaries & growing stronger with every well-earned experience.
“Adriana thrives in a collaborative environment and excels in building relationships and bringing people to the table.”
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Jalen A. Mosby

University of Missouri–Columbia

Not knowing is okay…never finding out is not.
“What really sets Jalen apart are his leadership and his ability to think strategically. Because of this, he has earned the respect and admiration of both his professors and peers.”
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Nadia N. Mousa

Florida State University

Be kind, do good and work hard.
“Nadia is one of those students who not only is eager to learn the material, but also has an innate desire to know why. She has been a joy to have in the classroom.”
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Joeleen K. Moy

Baruch College–CUNY

The constantly hungry creative.
“Joeleen works extremely well on her own and is also a team player as can be seen through her perceptive and generous comments during class sessions and critiques.”
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Elyse A. Murray

University of South Dakota

Simple storytelling with a side of Sriracha.
“Ellie is someone who understands the importance of a cohesive plan for the integration and is extremely well prepared to make a significant contribution.”
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Rachel V. Nagpal

Pennsylvania State University

Don't just make your mark, engrave it.
“I can definitely say that Rachel has many of the creative traits I always looked for when hiring our young talent.”
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Iliana M. Ortega

City College of New York

Natural Leader with Supernatural Talents.
“As a first generation Dominican-American, who is the first in her family to attend college, it is a pleasure to watch her develop and immerse herself in our field.”
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Wesley A Paez

Florida State University

There's no answer to life…don't let that scare you. Live uncertainly.
“As a student in my classes I have found Wesley to be very committed to learning and soaking in everything possible about the field of advertising.”
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Ashley N. Paulmeno

University of Alabama

Dancing to the beat of culture from one idea to the next.
“She’s a high-octane student; involved in, and able to gracefully balance several extracurricular activities and internship experiences simultaneously.”
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Veronica Penaloza Wolfermann

University of Texas at Austin

Collaborate, build, measure, repeat.
“One of Veronica’s most promising traits is her ability to listen and seek advice. She is always looking for ways in which to improve.”
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Irma A. Perez

Ithaca College

Always on the go, thriving toward the next big thing.
“She is a personable individual who is tenacious, hard-working, and one who truly welcomes a challenge.”
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Sabriana Pimentel

Pennsylvania State University

Versatile and creative communicator who demonstrates authenticity and adaptability in any situation.
“Sabriana demonstrates a unique blend of skill sets, possesses the knowledge, creative insight, and drive to be a strong contributor to any organization.”
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Savannah C. Rabin

University of Georgia

Simply on a mission to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
“Sometimes you meet a student and you just know that she is an extraordinary individual. And so it was when I met Savannah.”
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Sofia C. Rosell

Southern Methodist University

The Human Rosetta Stone to Spanglish.
“Her acute observations of advertising concepts coupled with thought-provoking responses showcases a higher level of thinking.”
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Breonna M. Ruffin

Texas State University

Ruffn It Smooth.
“Breonna was an invaluable member of our NSAC team. She was ever ready to jump in.”
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Skylynn B. Sandoval-Nanoo

Hawaii Pacific University

Don't blame the game, change the game.
“Sky is destined to become an accomplished advertising professional because she is resilient! She is goal oriented and strives to succeed, consistently.”
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Jan C. Song

University of Delaware

It can be done.
“Jan emerged as a leader of the intern team, performed relevant client work, and was pleasure to have around."
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Kennedy Studdard

University of Alabama

A super student ready for the world.
“It was obvious to me when I first met Kennedy that she was outstanding. Her intelligence, positive-attitude, maturity and focus struck me immediately.”
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Alexander W. Studer

University of Illinois

Fast is good in an industry where slow isn't an option.
“The advertising industry moves at the speed of light. Good thing there’s Alex Studer. He’ll keep the industry ahead of the curve.”
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Jalilah A. Sultan

University of Illinois

When you get to the edge of your comfort zone...leap!
“Jalilah is trusted, respected and very much appreciated by the membership.”
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Dulce E. Vazquez

Columbia College Chicago

Realist on a mission to promote optimism.
“She is committed to better representation of the Hispanic community in advertising and beyond.”
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Angelic L. Williams

Loyola University New Orleans

If you think you've done it all, you're wrong. You can always do more.
“Angelic’s team player mind-set and ability to work with minimal supervision are two qualities that stood out among her peers.”
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