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“Heritage Road”
BMW USA + Hill Holliday

BMW USA was charged with releasing their new cruising bike, R 18, in an American market traditionally dominated by Harley Davidson. To make an impact on an American audience, the R 18 had to be surrounded by an authentically American story told by Americans steeped in a history conjoined with the BMW brand.

The five-part docu-series “Heritage Road” follows Paul Stringer known as "Beemer" and Rob Griffiths known as "Son of Beemer" or "S.O.B.," two members of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. 

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club honors the legacy of the original Buffalo Soldiers of the U.S. Military, the first all- black peacetime regiments created by Congress in 1866, by servicing the community through philanthropy, volunteerism, and partnerships.

In the series, “Beemer” shares his story from his military service in Vietnam, to his time as a high school teacher and principal. While “S.O.B.” explains the journey that has led to him becoming a BMW Motorrad rider and his desire to join the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. The series culminates in S.O.B’s first ride out to West Point—an annual tradition for the Hartford faction of the MC to honor the 9th and 10th cavalries, who taught horsemanship skills to West Point cadets.

With the club’s heavy concentration of military and law enforcement veterans, there’s a collective hope they can help bridge the divide between communities that have historically struggled to see eye-to-eye. In today’s divisive and divided world, the Buffalo Soldiers MC are about spreading peace and positivity throughout the community while also raising awareness to the growing push for social change.

To help introduce the new BMW R 18 to America, we sought to capture the attention American motorcycle enthusiasts by sharing the stories of riders who have deep connections to the BMW brand. Both Beemer and S.O.B. are passionate about the BMW brand, together they have owned 5 BMW cars and 7 BMW motorcycles. Their brand loyalty illustrates how Heritage Road reaches beyond storytelling, it’s a journey that documents the passion of American riders, and how the BMW Motorrad brand is a part of their lives.

The story was brought to life across the social and digital landscape, utilizing IGTV and Instagram to create a cohesive experience in which users could engage with short-form ancillary content in addition to the five-part docu-series.

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