Louisiana Ad Tax Bills

Baton Rouge, LA, April 16, 2021
—AAF Louisiana Leaders: Two bills taxing advertising have been introduced in the Louisiana legislature. HB 605, introduced by Representative Mark Wright (R-Covington) is a broad-based services tax that includes advertising services. HB 612, introduced by Representative Richard Nelson (R-Mandeville) would tax digital advertising as well as many other digital goods.

At this point prospects for both bills are uncertain. Neither has been assigned a fiscal note or has been scheduled for action in the tax writing Ways and Means Committee. It is premature to begin a grassroots campaign against these bills as we do not want to bring extra attention to legislation that may not get a hearing. However, if you know and have a conversation with your Representative it would be useful to let him or her know that you oppose any tax on advertising, be it digital or across the board. I have included talking points on both issues below.

I am in touch with government affairs professionals in Baton Rouge and keeping a close eye on these bills and will let you know if and when we need to take action.

Please let me know if you hear any news or have any questions.

Clark Rector

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