Career Mapping 10

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This book is a collection of chapters and essays from leaders in HR, with an organizational focus on how HR will deal with changing skill sets, economic climates, technological innovations, and other developments. Some authors suggest that HR as we know it today is dying, and that although HR activities will survive, HR departments will shrink and undergo major changes. Diversity Practices That Work: The American Worker Speaks. National Urban League.

Summary of nationwide survey of American workers regarding workplace diversity initiatives, followed by case studies of organizations that implemented specific diversity efforts and their results.

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Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility

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Provides examples of SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) for tying diversity programs to performance measures.

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Kenneth Roldan, CEO of a minority executive placement firm, offers advice to minority employees about investigating career tracks and successfully moving up the corporate ladder.

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Theoretical and research literature are summarized in this edited book, which also includes practical applications for career counseling. Three chapters focus specifically on diversity (women, racial and ethnic minorities, and international cross-cultural).

This theory- and research-based book consists of self-contained chapters on career counseling issues with Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans. Rather than generalize about cultural differences, the authors present research-based information about groups, and suggestions for application of findings to the counseling setting. Chapter 11 gives a quick summary of multicultural issues to which counselors (and presumably advertising agency managers) should be sensitive.

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This international journal article details a program for career development by Johnson & Johnson Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group talent developers. Their program centers on the critical Career Development Discussion between employer and manager, a conversation that requires input from the employee, other managers, and various information sources in the company. The program focuses on maximum benefit for both the individual employee and the organization.

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•Human resource professionals learn about the career-mapping issues faced by various ethnic and racial minorities.