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Human Resource Managers

•Provide career map for employees

Provide information to employees about career progression possibilities in the agency, and examples of individuals who have followed such paths. Be open about resources, internal and external, for career development.

•Provide opportunities and support for employees to explore different paths

So many agency personnel began their careers in one area, and later pursued opportunities in another department or specialty. Think of the account executive who moved into account planning, or the media planner who left the agency to work for a media company. On the one hand, new employees want to be aware of advancement possibilities in their current roles or departments, but they may also desire to learn about opportunities outside of their current assignment. Agencies should address this need for flexibility through activities such as shadowing a person in a desired role, providing job descriptions and possible career maps for other areas of the business, or holding sessions for those interested in learning more about the breadth of talent and opportunities the agency can provide.

•Align individual career planning with organizational needs

According to Rothwell et al., the key to maximizing human capital potential in an organization lies at the intersection of employee career planning and organizational succession planning. To the extent that these two efforts can be aligned, both employee and employer work toward shared goals that are mutually beneficial. When employees are able to work at what they do well, their performance can lead them to higher levels in the agency. Rothwell et al. include among a “mission-driven” career plan, the following questions for the employee: --Mission: What do you do well and what do you want to do with your time? --Strategy: What are the guideposts you see that will be markers along the journey? --Plan: What do you do in the next month to begin moving closer to your goal? (p. 104)

•Communicate what it takes to get ahead or get promoted

Employees should understand clearly not only what is expected of them in their role as an employee, but also what they can do to achieve the next run on the organizational ladder. This information should be communicated early and often to employees, and especially in conjunction with career development discussions with the manager.

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