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•What the government has to say

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in its Career Guide to Industries, publishes data about types of advertising jobs, average pay, and work environment. Here’s what they had to say in 2009 about career progression in advertising:

“Success in increasingly responsible staff assignments usually leads to advancement to supervisory positions. As workers advance on the job, broad vision and planning skills become extremely important. Another way to get to the top in this industry is to open one’s own firm. In spite of the difficulty and high failure rate, many find starting their own business to be personally and financially rewarding. Advancement among the self-employed takes the form of increasing the size and strength of their own company.”

•Career options within the agency

The business careers website WetFeet offers the following general description of “career tracks” in the areas of account management, creative, media, account planning and production.

“If you work in a larger agency, you're more likely to specialize than in a small agency, where you're more likely to wear multiple hats. Most people start at the junior or assistant level and move up the ranks—if you come to advertising from another industry, you're likely to start at the bottom. The greatest numbers of entry-level positions exist in account management and media.”

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