Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award

Barton A. Cummings

The Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award was established by the American Advertising Federation board of directors in 1994 to recognize distinguished individuals for their volunteer service to advertising through volunteer work with the AAF.

The award is named in honor of the late Bart Cummings, former chief executive officer of Compton Advertising (now Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising), whose extraordinary career was dedicated to industry service and to advancing the social and economic values of advertising. Cumming's volunteer work included serving as chair of the AAF, the AAAAs, the Advertising Council, the Advertising Educational Foundation and The AAF Foundation. His many honors include induction to the Advertising Hall of Fame.

2014 Recipient: Andy Narrai

Barton A. Cummings

The Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award recognizes distinguished individuals for their service to advertising through volunteer work with the AAF. As someone who truly embodies the spirit of the Award, Andy Narrai is awarded the 2014 Barton A. Cummings Award.

Andy Narrai began his advertising career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has remained a fixture there as he's held successive leadership roles in media, agency and corporate settings. Early in his career, Andy recognized the value and importance of volunteerism and giving back to the advertising community, and in 1995 joined the Advertising Club of Milwaukee.

Andy has served as their American Advertising Awards chair and club president, and was instrumental in the club's membership growth and expansion of their American Advertising Awards program. Andy's success in Milwaukee was noticed by neighboring clubs, and he was recruited for leadership of AAF's District 8, eventually serving as District Governor. One of his most significant accomplishments as the leader of the District was expanding the Ad 2 footprint and being successful in helping with the creation of Ad 2 Madison, Ad 2 Milwaukee and Ad 2 Minneapolis.

Andy's leadership abilities were next utilized in the position of AAF Central Region Chair. As a natural next step, Andy was elected to serve as an officer, and eventually chair of the AAF Council of Governors. In typical Andy style, he took the post very seriously and led with distinction.

While an officer of the Council of Governors, Andy led a taskforce to redefine and articulate the value of AAF Membership and was the driving force behind the effort to create a more powerful AAF brand identity. He also created a leadership taskforce that produced materials to aid in the recruitment, development and retention of volunteer leaders at the club and district levels.

Andy currently serves as AAF National Treasurer and works closely with AAF President and CEO, James Edmund Datri, and other members of the AAF's National Board of Directors to ensure rigor and transparency in the management and communication of AAF finance.

These accomplishments only scratch the surface of the many volunteer services Andy has provided to the AAF over the years. He truly embodies the spirit of the Barton A. Cummings Award and is eminently qualified to receive the honor and recognition the award brings.

Andy is a lifelong resident of Milwaukee and resides there with his wife, Nancy Hernandez, and their daughter, Delia.

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