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Step 8: Embrace Personal Growth

Sometimes we think we have reached our destination in life. Look again. We are not really there yet. Rest a moment if necessary but not for too long because there is more to learn … there is more to do and if not us, then who?

Believe that life is about learning. Continually seek opportunities to grow and develop yourself. There is always more to learn … always. Mary-Frances Winters’ eighth step is embracing personal growth by constantly ask yourself, where are you now? Are you growing in your journey to be more inclusive? What changes do you need to make?

Helpful Resources for Personalizing Inclusion and Diversity

While there are hundreds of books and resources about diversity, these are some that the AAF Multicultural Think Tank group thought were most helpful.

Diversity Best Practices

  • CDO Insights: Proven Strategies for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Now that diversity is an integral part of business worldwide and laws have been passed against overt bias, intentional discrimination has waned. Yet, stepping boldly into its place, outside of the reach of the law, is unconscious bias. While unconscious biases are successful at hiding themselves from the naked eye, their consequences are far from invisible. In order to remain compliant and competitive, today’s companies must acknowledge and confront existing discrimination. This CDO (Chief Diversity Officer) Insights paper, developed in partnership with the experts at Cook Ross, provides critical steps and strategies companies must follow to reveal and confront deeply ingrained organizational structures and personal beliefs that foster discrimination.

Diversity Inc.

  • This website is the home of Diversity Inc. magazine. It has articles and a bookstore with resources about diversity. The company also provides an on-line career service and diversity consulting service. It has an extensive bookstore with reputable authors writing on diversity issues.

K. Iwata Associates, Inc.

  • The Power Of Diversity
  • "I understand that diversity is important to my organization but what is it you want me to do?" Rather than broad-based concepts, this book offers specific guidelines and tools you can use to increase your competence at managing and leading a diverse workforce. Drawing from a field study conducted with sixteen companies, the book allows you to assess your own level of Diversity-Competence. Lists of activities are provided to help you sharpen your ability to demonstrate the essential POWER competencies. The book also provides recommendations for organizations looking to increase their level of Diversity-Competence.

Roosevelt Thomas Consulting and Training

  • Building a House for Diversity
  • Using a deceptively simple fable about a Giraffe and Elephant, R. Roosevelt Thomas sets the stage for a bold new approach to managing diversity. He uses the metaphor of giraffes and elephants-insiders and outsiders- to examine our assumptions about power, influence, affirmative action, and acceptance of “the others.” His richly accessible guide will have you thinking about these critical issues in a whole new way. And it will show you how to develop the quantifiable set of skills that are the essence of diversity management.

The Winters Group, Inc.

  • Inclusion Starts With I: Eight Steps to Inclusiveness: The Personal Journey by Dr. Mary-Frances Winters
  • Creating inclusive cultures is a critically important business imperative as the demographics of the US become more diverse and as organizations operate increasingly in global contexts. If we are to work effectively together we must learn to understand, appreciate and accept differences. Our strength lies in our diversity. This book outlines 8 steps for the personal inclusion journey in a delightful book of quotes from voices as diverse as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Seneca.

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