Mosaic Career Fair Student Testimonials

“This is an incredible opportunity to work with professionals from an industry that we all strive to be a part of. These people not only make this industry what it is, but also inspire us to contribute to the world of advertising in our own ways.

I know the strain that a day-long event like the career fair can put on one's schedule. Having to remove myself from the world of academia was demanding in itself, and I'm just a student. I can't begin to imagine the demands that pile on when professionals of such high positions in the advertising realm, from such remarkably diligent agencies, make the time and committment to spend their day working to help others like myself, who are just looking for their break into this great industry. Even as lunch was calling and the day was coming to a close, I had professionals by my side that stuck it out for just one more critique with me, all for which I'm truly obliged. If that doesn't show the passion and devotion of these individuals to the future of this business, I don't know what would.”

Alan Pearcy, Bradley University

“I attended the Mosaic Career Fair for the past two years and I felt that this year was exceptionally well planned out. There were many more agencies that I was interested in this year. I felt that the company representatives were well prepared and efficient, as far as talking to as many students as possible. Last year, I obtained a great internship with ABC and it was an amazing experience. I am still waiting on an internship as of now, but the career fair was definitely a great opportunity to get started.”

Victoria Rafanelli, Art Institute of California

“In February, I drove seven hours with two other students from Erie, Pa. to Chicago, Il. for the AAF Mosaic Career Fair. We were very excited to be able to partake in all of the day’s activities, and learn from the speakers and résumé and portfolio critiques. Many students from our school do not often get exposure to the ‘big city agency life’ and other advertising resources that were presented at this event. As a senior, I was was able to get a jump-start on my job search through the companies that I was introduced to at the conference. Thank you so much for continuing to do these types of programs, it has really benefited our students and we hope to send even more students next year to this event!”

Kelly Cofrancisco, Mercyhurst College

“I had a great overall experience at the career fair. I was able to meet with many recruiters from companies that I was very interested in working for after graduation. It was also really beneficial to meet with these representatives, ask questions and become better acquainted with the companies. I feel like I really benefited from the résumé critiques as well. Even though I have had advisors look at my résumé, it was extremely helpful to obtain a recruiter’s input and industry perspective. I am very glad I participated.”

Amanda Taubman , DePaul University

“The Mosaic Career Fair is an awesome way to get involved and network with industry professionals. After all, ‘it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.’”

Justin Toussant, Art Institute of San Diego

“I had a really great time last month at the career fair. I was able to find out that there are so many things I can do in my life. It was also enlightening to see that there are so many students with different interests and experiences. I was recently offered a job at Disneyland.”

Fawwad Memon, Santa Monica College

“The career fair was very helpful! There were media, public relations and advertising agencies from across the country. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and I gained valuable insight about what to do and what not to do when job searching. I feel better acquainted with the agencies that I was interested in and it was nice to put a face with a company.”

Amanda Sherrod, University of Tennessee

“I am the president of the AAF chapter at Fresno State University and will be graduating this May. I had a great experience at the Mosaic Career Fair at Disneyland. World-class advertising agencies and media companies were represented and gave insight into what they look for in an employee. I enjoyed the variety of companies that were present. Overall, it was a good opportunity for making points of contact with HR representatives and for practicing ‘interviewing’ with them.”

Mary McPherson, Fresno State University

“I traveled to the Mosaic Career Fair at the Disneyland Hotel. This event was well organized and very insightful. I was impressed with how smoothly the day went. The speakers were on time and were able to get the attendees involved in the discussion and I thought this was a great way to conduct the sessions. I also think that they had many great companies represented, which helped each person understand a little better what direction they would like to head in their career choice and which companies they would like to pursue.”

Christina Gilbert, Fresno State University

“I was impressed with the career fair—I found the information valuable and the representatives very personable.”

Gary Geyer, Cooper Union

“The Mosaic Career Fair held at USA TODAY was a very rewarding and informative experience. Everything from the résumé sessions to the guest speakers was beneficial and I really enjoyed the mock interview question session. It was great meeting new students in my field by practicing tough interview questions among those that may potentially be hiring us in the near future. I am actually a public relations student and am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend the Mosaic Career Fair because everything discussed at the fair applied to my future career goals. Thank you for the opportunity—it was a great experience.”

Sarah McLean, West Virginia University

“The Mosaic Career Fair was an excellent opportunity for students interested in the advertising industry. I learned a lot from the résumé and portfolio critiques and got a chance to network with many different companies. The career fair definitely gave me a better idea of how to achieve my future goals.”

Jessica Jackson,, Towson University

“The AAF Mosaic Career Fair helped me to prepare for job offers and interviews. I was able to ask questions and get great answers from people who know what they are talking about. It was a great way to get my feet wet and learn about the advertising industry and what it takes to work in this field. The interview tips were a big help and speaking to the employers at the fair helped build my confidence. Thanks for this great opportunity.”

Sara Gorman, George Mason University

“I really enjoyed the career fair. It was a good experience to hear people in the field talk about the work world and the situations they deal with. The event was put together well and fun to attend.”

Kendall De Jong, California State University of Fresno

“Coming from a first year chapter with increasing membership, the Mosaic Career Fair was a great opportunity for us to grow as a chapter as well as individuals in our own career goals. I couldn’t believe the agencies that attended the USA TODAY fair in McLean. Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi, and MediaVest—these are agencies I only dream about and there they were within my reach. I just want to thank you so much for giving us that opportunity.”

Elicia Banks-Gabriel, Marietta College