American Advertising Awards Style Guide

Intro | Logo Art

Sponsored by the AAF, the American Advertising Awards honor excellence in advertising and cultivates the highest creative standards in the industry. With 60,000 entries, the American Advertising Awards are the nation's largest advertising competition. The competition begins at the local level with over 200 AAF member clubs around the country. The local winners proceed to district competitions, and those winners proceed to the national finals.

Proceeds from the American Advertising Awards program, on all levels of competition, go back into the industry through the work of the AAF and its members, especially in the areas of advertising education and public service advertising.

This document is intended to give clubs the information and resources they need to manage and promote their the American Advertising Awards and effectively communicate the brand.

The American Advertising Awards logo is the feature component of the AAF corporate identity. It's the visual distillation of who we are: our brand. It is imperative that we preserve the identity and consistency of the image we project. The color, typeface, and style of our logo were not arbitrary choices. Each has its own meaning and purpose. Careful attention has been paid to every graphic detail of our mark. We encourage you to pay equal attention to its appropriate use.

In addition to the American Advertising Awards name, the tag line "The Creative Spirit of Advertising" should always be used with the logo (unless size prohibits, see below). In addition to the prime American Advertising Awards name logo, we also have created an American Advertising Awards "A" signature. This signature is most often seen as part of, in conjunction to, or in reference, to the American Advertising Awards themselves (i.e. awards books, statues, etc.)


We are committed to ensuring that all materials produced by and for the AAF are immediately recognizable as part of the brand. Maintaining a unified look in our communications that refer to or with the American Advertising Awards will reinforce the AAF's image as "The Unifying Voice For Advertising." The AAF has invested considerable time and resources to create this brand identity. We greatly appreciate and value the creative contributions of our members, and ask for your enthusiastic support and stewardship of the AAF and American Advertising Awards identity.

The American Advertising Awards mark takes its lead directly from the AAF brand. It sets the standard for the visual expressions of who we are and what we stand for — The Creative Spirit of Advertising.

The audiences that are most important to us — our members and our peers in the industry, as well as the news media and other opinion leaders — will come to recognize the American Advertising Awards brand through consistent application of our identity, and will associate us with the nation's largest creative awards show.

Our success in accomplishing these goals depends largely on how consistently the American Advertising Awards's vibrant, new identity is applied and implemented. Projecting an image of quality and leadership requires a disciplined approach to the way we produce materials that represent the American Advertising Awards. We are counting on our members to help us make this happen.

Good luck! And thanks for helping to promote a consistent, high-quality American Advertising Awards image to the world.