September 26, 2001

Legislative Activity

The following letter was delivered to the House and Senate majority and minority leaders, Chairmen of the House and Senate Commerce and Transportation Committees and Subcommittees.

September 26, 2001

The Honorable J. Dennis Hastert
Speaker of the House
2369 Rayburn House Office Bulding
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Hastert:

On behalf of the members of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), I urge you to support legislation providing financial relief to the United State's airline industry. This support must be adequate to allow the industry to address the major issues it is facing. We support the airlines' request of a package of cash grants and other relief measures.

The AAF is the unifying voice for advertising. Our membership includes national advertisers, including major airlines, advertising agencies and the media. AAF also represents 50,000 professionals in 220 local advertising federations across the country.

The unspeakable events of September 11 produced countless victims. One of the industries hardest hit is the America's airline. They are now — through no fault of their own — in financial trouble and in need of the federal government's support, for short-term access to cash, as well as for long-term access to credit to stave off bankruptcy.

A healthy U.S. airline industry is vital to our economic recovery. In a very real sense, they are a major engine of our national economy. Airlines move much of the goods and people that are essential to the growth of our economy. Like other industries, the advertising professionals depend on the airlines for business and personal travel. But that travel can only occur with a healthy air transport industry.

The recovery will obviously be dependent on the return of consumer confidence. Federal action will help to restore the health of the industry and allow airlines with the resources to begin taking appropriate actions to restore confidence. The advertising industry looks forward to working with the airlines to inform consumers of these actions and help restore their confidence in air travel.

Thank you for your consideration.


Wallace S. Synder
President & CEO
American Advertising Federation