2014-2015 National Education Executive Committee

Updated 6/20/2014

Executive Committee
District 5 (2022)

Hong Cheng (Chair)
Director and Professor, Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture
Virginia Commonwealth University

District 9 (2017)

Amy Struthers (Vice-Chair)
Sequence Head and Associate Professor
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Advisory Committee
District 7 (2020)

Sandra Utt
Associate Chair
University of Memphis Department of Journalism

District 6 (2018)

Steve Hall
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

District 14 (2016)

Al Mattison
University of California, Berkeley

NEEC Committee
District 1 (2017)

Patrick Oscar Chilabato
Associate Professor
Johnson & Wales University
Department of Marketing, College of Business

District 2 (2017)

Scott R. Hamula
Associate Professor and Chair
Ithaca College
Department of Strategic Communication

District 6 (2018)

Peg Murphy
Adjunct faculty/Artist in Residence
Columbia College Chicago

District 10 (2017)

Phil Willet
Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications
University of Oklahoma

District 10 (2018)

Rick T. Wilson
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Texas State University

District 11 (2017)

David Koranda
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
University of Oregon

District 12 (2018)

Daniel Petek
Adjunct Instructor
Washington State University

District 14 (2016)

Greg Pabst
Instructor, Program Director, Advertising
University of San Francisco

District 15 (2017)

Jerry Wright
Advertising Concentration Coordinator
California State University Fullerton

At Large (2015)

Chris Pitre
Executive Director, Social Media & Innovation

AAF Staff
National Office

Constance Frazier
Chief Operating Officer
American Advertising Federation

National Office

Melissa Wong
Assistant Vice President, Education Services & Mosaic Center
American Advertising Federation

National Office

Laetitia-Laure Brock
Manager, Education Services
American Advertising Federation