June 26, 2003

Legislative Activity

Date: June 26, 2003

To: AAF Club Members

From: Jeff Perlman, EVP-government affairs
Clark Rector, SVP-state government affairs

Re: Second DTC Pharmaceutical Advertising Amendment Defeated

As threatened, Senator John Edwards (D-NC) introduced a revised version of his amendment restricting direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising. This second amendment was defeated by a vote of 59-39.

Click herefor the Senate vote tally for the second Edwards amendment. A "nay" vote was a vote in support of advertising. Once again if one or both of your Senators voted in favor of advertising, please call of email him or her to express thanks for supporting DTC advertising and the advertising industry.

All Senators can be reached by calling (202) 225-3121. Senators' Web pages and e-mail can be accessed through the Senate Web page at www.senate.gov.

Do not hesitate to call either of us at 1-800-999-2231 if you have any comments or questions