March 19, 2004

Legislative Activity

Date: March 19, 2004

To:AAF Board of Directors
Council of Governors
Club Presidents
Corporate Key & Government Contacts

From: Jeff Perlman, EVP-government affairs
Clark Rector , SVP-state government affairs
Jennifer Akridge, manager-government affairs


This morning, in a special session, the Virginia House is expected to pass a comprehensive tax increase which includes an advertising tax on time and space. This proposal is expected to be considered by the Virginia Senate on Sunday.  This activity is a direct tax on advertising. This is a tax that apparently first surfaced on Wednesday evening and is to be voted on this morning.

If you do business in Virginia , or have Virginia contacts, please urgently express your opposition to this tax proposal.  Click here for a contact list and a set of talking points on ad taxes or call Jennifer Akridge at the AAF at (202) 898-0089 to have these lists faxed to you.