March 23, 2007

Legislative Activity

March 23, 2007

To: AAF Members in Kentucky

From: Clark Rector Jr., Senior Vice President – Government Affairs

Re: Urgent Action Needed

The Kentucky Legislature is scheduled to reconvene on Monday and Tuesday, March 26 and 27, to conclude its work for the year. Senate Bill 155, which would allow outdoor advertising companies to reasonably control vegetation around existing billboards, is on the calendar but is not guaranteed to be brought to a vote.

The bill has been approved by the Senate and passed in the House Transportation Committee by a vote of 19–1. However, Speaker Jody Richards may not allow the bill to be brought to a vote.

It is very important that you and other supporters of the advertising industry call the speaker's office today and over the weekend. The message is very simple: "Please allow Senate Bill 155, the outdoor advertising vegetation control bill, to come to a vote."

You can call the speaker at (502) 564-2363 or (270) 781-9946.

Please make your call now, and forward this message to other members of the Kentucky advertising industry.

Thanks you for your help with this important matter.