2001 Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award

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2001 Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award Recipient: Dee Ann Budge

Dee Ann Budge
AAF President Emeritus Howard Bell presents Dee Ann Budge with her award.
As the longest serving executive director of the Utah Advertising Federation (UAF), Dee Ann Budge has done more to shape the organization than any other single individual. Just as Betty Riehl was successful on a national level, Budge has been successful on a regional basis. She has served, nurtured, cajoled and guided 21 different presidents and boards of directors through their roles since she agreed to help the club for "few years" back in 1980.

As a result of her encouragement and support, many UAF former presidents have become leaders in District 12, the Western Region and the national Council of Governors. Budge also has had a major role in contributing to the planning and execution of District 12.

Lutman & Bell
From left: AAF's Joanne Wiseman and Budge

Taking a cash-strapped ad club and building a financially sound federation was just one of Budge's accomplishments. During her tenure, she has seen the UAF named "Club of the Year" three times, has gained the appreciation of the entire state from the yearly public service projects, has assisted in elevating the annual ADDY® Awards program to a high-profile event and has helped oversee the doubling of the membership.

2005 Marge Traver, executive secretary, Fresno Advertising Federation
2004 Jay Hagins, executive director, Houston Advertising Federation (HAF)
2003 Richard C. Squire, executive director, Cleveland Advertising Association
2002 Barbara Lutman executive director, Advertising Club of Kansas City
2001 Dee Ann Budge, executive director, Utah Advertising Federation
2000 Georgia Brown, former AAF board laison & executive assistant to the president (posthumously)
Twila Hopkins, executive director, Phoenix Advertising Club
1999 Christie Dalgarno, bookkeeper, AAF
1998 Willa Brown, president/CEO, Denver Advertising Federation

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