2002 Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award

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2002 Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award Recipient: Barbara Westland

Charlie Malone
Charlie Malone
The 2002 Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award was presented to Charlie Malone. For over 40 years, Charlie Malone has unreservedly volunteered his service to the AAF. He has touched many lives and has had an impact in a variety of AAF-related activities. However, his special focus from the beginning has been on students and advertising education.

Serving as student competition coordinator for District 7 in 1983, he accompanied a student team from the University of Georgia to the AAF National Conference where they won first place. In 1998, as college chapter coordinator, Malone took on a personal mission of reviving District 7 college chapters and initiating new ones. In September 1998, the district had less than 17 college chapters, but through Malone's diligence and dedication, by April 2000, the district's college chapters had grown to 24.
Westland, Malone & Bell
From left: Barbara Westland, Malone and AAF President Emeritus Howard Bell

Malone has served in several positions with the Nashville Advertising Federation, District 7 and AAF national committees, He has received the AAF Silver Medal Award from the Nashville Advertising Federation, as well as several District 7 honors.

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