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Preview Travel has allowed us to offer their privacy policy as a template for AAF members to use in formulating their individual privacy policies.

Your Information is Protected
Preview Travel values your patronage and respects your right to privacy. Because we are committed to protecting your privacy, we employ the highest levels of security to keep your personal information strictly confidential.

As a member of Preview Travel, you are asked to provide us with some personal information during the registration process. This information is used for the purpose of defining your travel needs so that we can serve you more efficiently each time you return to our site. It enables us to: All personal profile information is stored in our offline databases and accessed for the purpose of assisting you with future online transactions. Before completing your personal member profile, please view and accept the Terms and Conditions of using our travel system.

If you choose to modify the information in your membership profile, simply log into Your Account and select the appropriate tab for your changes. If you would like to delete your Preview Travel profile or terminate your membership, please e-mail us.

Please be aware that our site contains links to other sites and that the privacy practices of other sites may differ from those of Preview Travel. In certain situations, such as in the Preview Travel Store, you may link to another site within a Preview Travel frame that shows a Preview Travel URL. Despite the Preview Travel frame and URL, each site is responsible for its own privacy practices.

We Respect Your Privacy
Preview Travel takes your privacy concerns seriously and will not share your personal information without your consent. If you choose to use one of the features below, your information will be used as follows: Remember, Preview Travel will not disclose or sell any of your personal information, including your name, address, credit-card number, shopping, or transaction history to any third party without your permission.

Communicating With You
If you are a member, contest entrant, or purchaser, we will occasionally use your e-mail address to send correspondence about Preview Travel, including: We hope you find this information informative. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter or travel-special notifications from us, please log into Your Account and modify your e-mail preferences.

About Cookies
Many Web sites, including Preview Travel, use cookie technology to help users navigate efficiently. When you make selections or set preferences on our site, our site will send a request to your Web browser to record some (but not all) of your selections in a "cookie" file. The cookie is a small text file that resides on your hard drive. From time to time, our site will request the cookie from your browser so that we can retrieve the stored information and you do not have to make the same selections over and over again.

An example of how Preview Travel uses cookies is in the Farefinder area. If you look at the lowest airfares between San Francisco and New York, our site will set a cookie that records your city selections. If you then log into our reservations system, your browser will send the cookie back, telling our site to automatically enter San Francisco and New York in the outbound and return flight boxes.

Preview Travel never uses cookies to store personal information, such as credit-card numbers, nor can the information we store in the cookie ever be read by any Web site other than ours.

Please note that with most browsers, a user can set the preferences to show a warning each time a cookie request is received. You can also usually set the browser not to accept cookies at all. However, to make your experience using Preview Travel as efficient as possible, we suggest that you allow your browser to accept cookies.

At times, some of the advertisers on our site set cookies when you select their ad banner. We do not receive the data collected by those cookies, nor do we share any of our cookie information with them.

How to Contact Us
If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the Preview Travel Guarantee, please e-mail us at [your company's e-mail address]. We read every customer e-mail and will respond as soon as possible.