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AAF Honors Jim Hausfeld with the Chic Davis Memorial Award

Washington, D.C., June 6, 2014—The American Advertising Federation (AAF) awarded Jim Hausfeld, former president and longtime member of AAF Dayton, the Chic Davis Memorial Award last week at ADMERICA!, the AAF’s National Conference on Advertising.

The Chic Davis Memorial award was developed in honor of Chic Davis, who served the AAF and the American Advertising Awards Program, known then as the ADDY Awards. The award recognizes club leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the award program and to pay tribute to Chic Davis and his significant role in the history and development of the American Advertising Awards. Jim Hausfeld was presented with this award, as someone whose work, dedication and commitment most closely mirrors those of Chic Davis.

Jim Hausfeld’s first exposure to the awards was as an entrant in 1990. Understanding the importance of the program, he began volunteering and dedicating his time to help the program grow in size and prestige. Hausfeld has since chaired and hosted AAF Dayton’s American Advertising Awards (locally known as the Hermes Awards) for nearly 10 years.

“As Chic Davis was with the national awards, Jim has become the heart and soul behind AAF Dayton’s American Advertising Awards program,” said Joanne Schecter, Executive Vice President of the AAF Club Services. “Both AAF Dayton and the American Advertising Federation are the beneficiaries of Jim’s commitment to the overall success of the Hermes Awards and American Advertising Awards.”

Hausfeld’s work as committee chair has helped the once fledging program to reach new heights. Today, the competition routinely sets records for entries and attendance, as a result of his active role in the planning and production of the competition.

Hausfeld is the Creative Director for The Ohlmann Group, a full service marketing advertising agency in Dayton, Ohio. He is also a member of AAF’s District 5.

The AAF extends its congratulations to Jim Hausfeld on the honor. Jim’s creativity and organization continue to make the AAF Dayton program stronger each and every year.

To learn more about the Chic Davis Memorial Award and Jim Hausfeld’s accomplishments, visit www.aaf.org.

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