Alert: March 8, 2013

AAF Minnesota Members:

As you know, when Governor Mark Dayton (D) released his budget last month, he included a provision that would lower the sales tax rate, but extend it to include advertising and many other services.

This morning, in a speech to the Twin West Chamber, the Governor said that he will remove the business-to-business sales taxes – including the advertising tax – from the revised budget to be released next week.

Many thanks to John Pickerill, Legislative Chair of the Advertising Federation of Minnesota, who helped to coordinate advertising industry opposition through the Communications Industry Coalition.  Thanks go also to all the AAF members who contacted legislators to express opposition to the ad tax and/or showed up at the February 27 hearing to speak against the tax.  So many people showed up at the hearing to opposed the Governor’s plan that not all were able to testify before the hearing was adjourned.

We will continue to keep a close eye on the budget process to make sure the ad tax proposal is not revived, but for now, congratulations to all on a job well done.

Clark Rector
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
American Advertising Federation
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