Alert: September 27, 2012

Texas Grassroots Alert

One of the great values of AAF, beyond networking and improving personal business knowledge, is that we are the largest advertising grassroots organization and have the capability of educating and influencing lawmakers in Congress, as well as in Austin and the other state capitols.  That capability is more important now than ever.  Congress will return for a lame duck session after the election to attempt to address the deficit and “fiscal cliff” as well as needed adjustments to Medicare. Many members of Congress believe those fixes are impossible without substantial new sources of revenue.  One source that has been raised in the past, and is likely to be raised again, is limitations to advertising’s status as a 100% tax deductible business expense. 
You as President of your local AAF chapter and your Government Relations Chair are needed to help protect advertising.  Now is the time to communicate with lawmakers about the importance of advertising to your business and to the economy in Texas and in his or her district.  You can find your Representative and Senators at Issues will move fast in the lame duck session.  If you wait until an ad tax is on the table, you will be too late.
The two attached exhibits show the economic activity and jobs created by advertising in the state of Texas and the DFW area. You can get that information for your home district or any city by contacting AAF’s evp-government affairs Clark Rector at Then let your feelings about our business be known to your representatives and include charts like those attached (use state data to your Senators and District information to your representative in the House).
The more letters or personal visits our representatives receive the greater the influence of our grass roots organization, and the more likely they will oppose any effort to tax advertising.
Thank you for your help.

Frank Kopec
Executive Director, AAF Dalllas and
10th Distrrict Texas Co-liasion for Governement and Legislative Affairs