Council of Governors

Council of Governors Chair: Blake Goldston, Money Mailer of Amarillo
Vice Chair: John McCafferty, John McCafferty Advertising
Secretary-Treasurer: A.J. Busé, Brand New Day
Immediate Past Chair: Allison Robbins, Joseph David Advertising

District 1: Alta Stark, Baystate Health
District 2: Cynthia Park, Color H2O Partners
District 3: Lisa Rondina, Fairway Outdoor Advertising
District 4: Susan Waldeck, Anton West Advertising
District 5: David Caldwell, Balance Creative, LLC
District 6: Allison Beggs, Ruby Jane's Twisted Kitchen
District 7: Amanda Fontaine, Mississippi Burn Foundation
District 8: Connor Callahan, Conor Lawrence Represents
District 9: Richard Proffer, University of Missouri
District 10: Kevin Cassis, Whitely Plus
District 11: Christal Gammill, Publicis
District 12: Dawn Dawson, Reflection Advertising
District 13: Paul Lam, Servco Pacific Inc.
District 14: Paul Klein, City of Reno
District 15: Jon Burgess, RedFusion Media
Ad 2 National Chair: Tai Leong, HMSA

Division Chairs:
Division 1: Sherri Anne Green, LM&O Advertising
Division 2: Lorelle Burke, Public Interest Advertising
Division 3: Barb Scherer, Engauge
Division 4: Bill Houck, Lamar Advertising Company
Division 5: Tai Leong, HMSA