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June 2–4, 2012
Austin, TX

SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service)

Advertising Rate and Media Search Engine Provider for the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition

SRDS is pleased to provide college chapter teams competing in the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition with access to SRDS online services for:

  • Consumer Media Advertising Source
  • Business Media Advertising Source
  • Direct Marketing List Source
  • Interactive Advertising Source
  • Out-of-Home Advertising Source
  • Radio Advertising Source
  • TV & Cable Source
  • Newspaper Advertising Source

To request access to SRDS databases, the faculty adviser for each participating institution should call SRDS at 800.232.0772 ext. 8039.

Click HERE to register for the NSAC Student Group Trainings: Jan/Feb 2011- Conducted by SRDS.

Upon request to SRDS, each participating institution will receive access to SRDS databases online for participating faculty and students.

Usage of the complimentary access to the SRDS online databases is subject to completed and signed License Agreement by the participating educational institution. This License Agreement specifies that complimentary use is intended solely for use by registered AAF-NSAC participants and may not be used to substitute for paid SRDS subscriptions.

Complimentary access will be granted to each institution from the date that SRDS receives the signed License Agreement until June 5, 2011.

SRDS License Agreement for AAF 2010-2011.doc (75 KB) Revised as of 10/26/10

Assistance With Utilizing the Data
Participating AAF-NSAC “teams” may request or register for complimentary, Web-based group training on how to use SRDS Media Solutions online. SRDS will not provide complimentary training or support to individual students. All requests for support, training or technical assistance should be routed through the designated faculty adviser. These can be arranged via the SRDS Service Center at 800.232.0772 ext. 8039.