The Initiative Future Board

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Collaborate With A Leading Communications Agency on Special Projects

With the elevated role of media and technology in the lives of consumers, we cannot afford to wait and see what's next. At Initiative, we invest in the future to uncover what's next now.

We invite current AAF college chapter members to apply for a seat on our Future Board, a creative think tank established to give voice to the rising stars in our industry. Members will receive hands on marketing communications experience, self-development training and exposure to industry executives during their tenure on the Future Board. U.S. Future Board members may also interact with other members serving on Future Boards in Europe and Latin America. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a worldwide agency's creative process!

Student activities to include: spring/summer internships, recruiting, campus keynote speaking opportunities, interaction with agency execs and possibly clients, industry immersions/shadowing, leadership building seminars, and more!

Student Work Samples

The Future Board student panel from last year conducted a study on the Future Landscape of the Video – how will video be consumed across multiple devices and platforms both online and offline. Here are samples of the students’ projects, take a look at their impressive work!

Get Involved Today!

For interested students, please upload a video resume on the platform of your choice and send the video link to AAF Education Services at with the subject line “Initiative Future Board”. Submissions must be received by September 28, 2012.

  • Video resumes should not be longer than 15 minutes.
  • Answer the following questions in your video:
  • Describe a creative achievement of yours and what was the process in accomplishing it?
  • What excites you about being a part of the Initiative Future Board and how do you think you can contribute?
  • In your opinion, what media campaign has been the most creative/effective? Explain.
  • Student finalists will be selected immediately, and the kick-off meeting will take place the first week of October.

Check out the 2013 Initiative Future Board project brief to see how you will make an impact!

*Please note that some of the Future Board activities will take place on-site at the Initiative offices. Any travel required will be the responsibility of the student.