Alert: April 21, 2011

Missouri Do Not Mail Bill

From: AAF Government Affairs []
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 8:50 AM
To: Clark Rector
Subject: Missouri Do Not Mail Bill

AAF Missouri Members,

Please see the attached alert and fact sheet from the Mail Moves America Coalition about legislation that could limit, if not eventually ban, direct mail to people age 70 and older in Missouri.  This is an unnecessary intrusion on a legitimate marketing method to an important segment of consumers.  The bill was scheduled to be heard in committee Wednesday.  Please contact the committee members (listed below) and urge them to reject this unneeded and harmful legislation.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Clark Rector
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
American Advertising Federation
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Missouri, HB 831 ( the Do Not Mail bill, has been posted for a hearing April 20 at 12:00 in the Professional Registration and Licensing Committee.

The bill was introduced by Representative Jay Houghton (R, District 10) and establishes a statewide Do Not Mail registry applicable to people 70 years and older, not all consumers. It provides exemptions for: a customer’s prior permission, an existing business relationship within the past 180 days, 501(c)3 charitable fundraising, certain federal agencies and person’s who work from home or who are setting appointments. The attorney general’s office would be tasked with administering the DNM registry and would be authorized to assess fines of up to $5,000 for each “knowing violation.” A private right of action is also provided for as a method of redress.

Mail Moves America members are encouraged to contact the sponsor’s office, the chair of the committee and committee members as soon as possible to ask them not to advance the bill.

Contact information for legislators is below.

Rep. Jay Houghton
Legislative Assistant: Jessica Catron
Phone: 573-751-3649

Committee Members
Rep. Ellen Brandom (R) – Chair
Legislative Assistant: Greggory Pfister
Phone: 573-751-5471

Rep. Eric Burlison
Legislative Assistant: Matthew Block
Phone: 573-751-0136

Rep. Sue Allen
Legislative Assistant: Matthew Schumann
Phone: 573-751-9765

Rep. Chris Carter (D)
Legislative Assistant: Cheri Wilson
Phone: 573-751-7605

Rep. David Day
Legislative Assistant: Angelia Thessen
Phone: 573-751-1446

Rep. Kevin Elmer
Legislative Assistant: Kyle Aubuchon
Phone: 573-751-3833
Rep. Ward Franz
Legislative Assistant: Rachel Bauer
Phone: 573-751-1455
Rep. Keith Frederick
Legislative Assistant: Seth Logston
Phone: 573-751-3834

Rep. Caleb Jones
Legislative Assistant: Sherri Kempf
Phone: 573-751-2134

Rep. Bart Korman
Legislative Assistant: Bonnie Linhardt
Phone: 573-751-2689

Rep. Michele Kratky
Legislative Assistant: Donna Gentzsch
Phone: 573-751-4220

Rep. Bill Lant
Legislative Assistant: Beverly McCasland
Phone: 573-751-9801
Rep. Donna Lichtenegger
Legislative Assistant: Denia Fields
Phone: 573-751-6662

Rep. Gail McCann Beatty
Legislative Assistant: Michelle Brent
Phone: 573-751-2124

Rep. Mary Nichols
Legislative Assistant: Cherie Diemler
Phone: 573-751-1832

Rep. Vicki Schneider
Legislative Assistant: Philip Yates
Phone: 573-751-3604

Rep. Scott Sifton
Legislative Assistant: Nancy Luehrman
Phone: 573-751-0220

Rep. Jason Smith
Legislative Assistant: Tammy Corrigan
Phone: 573-751-1688

Rep. Jay Swearingen
Legislative Assistant: Paula McCurren
Phone: 573-751-2199
Rep. Steve Webb
Legislative Assistant: Paula Savage
Phone: 573-751-2135

Rep. Don Wells
Legislative Assistant: Christina Smith
Phone: 573-751-1490