Frequently Asked Questions

Does my school already have an AAF college chapter?

Consult the list of AAF college chapters by state. If your college already has a chapter, contact the chapter advisor or the chapter president. If you need help contacting the chapter, let us know at If your college does not have a chapter, perhaps you'd like to start one!

Can I send a personal check for my dues?

No. Please submit all dues payments to your chapter advisor or treasurer. The chapter advisor or treasurer will then submit ONE check from your club or your school.

I paid my annual dues last year in February. When do I have to pay my dues for this year?

Regardless of when dues are paid during the year, all student memberships expire on the last day of August. The deadline for dues is October 1, 2014(for chapters joining during the first semester) and mid February (for chapters joining during the second semester).

Our chapter already paid its dues, but now we have more students who would like to join. How should we send in their dues?

Send in the dues for your entire chapter as soon as you have them, then send a second check, a few weeks or a month later, for the late joiners. Be sure to submit a revised electronic member roster (please include the new members only) using the excel template.