What is AdCamp?

AdCamp is an exclusive advertising camp for high school students.

Finally, a summer enrichment program that will teach students about a college major in advertising, careers in advertising and what it takes to market different products and services to consumers., careers in advertising and what it takes to market different products and services to consumers. Faculty from top advertising programs in the nation and esteemed advertising professionals will be teaching students about the many facets of advertising and brand communications, giving students the knowledge and tools to complete their own marketing campaign project.

AdCamp connects creative students to advertising careers! Click here to request more information about AdCamp 2015!

AdCamp is more than just classroom lectures.

Students at AdCamp will not be spending all day in the classroom; they will also visit some of the major advertising agencies, companies, and/or media agencies located near their respective AdCamp locations. These industry immersions are an opportunity for students to experience firsthand what it is like to work in a creative space filled with foosball tables, scooters, Nerf balls flying through the air, office pets and who knows what else.

Whether or not students decide that advertising is for them, additional workshops in leadership, teambuilding and public speaking will prepare AdCamp graduates for any professional situation. Students will also develop friendships with peers who have similar backgrounds and interests.

AdCamp places students steps ahead of future college classmates.

Rarely do high schools offer advertising courses or encourage students to study advertising so this is the chance for those young adults who possess a creative inner-self to explore unique ways to channel this energy and potentially make a profession out of it. Not only will students learn to create advertisements, TV commercial storyboards, social media messaging and more, they will foster relationships with advertising executives they wouldn’t ordinarily get access to.

Find out if advertising is the right career for you.

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“I thought the AdCamp was well organized and that it really gave [my son] a great overview of the industry. The Camp really caused him to stop and think about advertising as a career and gave him some exposure that he normally would not have had the opportunity to get. He still talks about his experiences and often mentions that he will never quite look at an ad that he sees in the same way again - given all that goes into the advertising process. The company visits sounded excellent and it was great how it all fit into the agenda…I really enjoyed listening to [my son’s] stories about his day when the family gathered for dinner in the evening. I think [my son’s] siblings were jealous of his experience!”

--T. Pellino, Parent of AdCamper