2008 Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award

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2008 Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award Recipient: Joanne Schecter

Joanne Schecter

Joanne Schecter joined the staff of the American Advertising Federation in 1993. As executive vice president of AAF’s club services department, Joanne oversees the success of 200 AAF member clubs and federations nationwide and over the years has helped shape their success. Joanne represents the AAF with unparalleled professionalism and strikes the perfect balance of third-party perspective and “been there” empathy.

Joanne brings the member perspective to her position, having first become involved with the AAF over 20 years ago as an AAF member. She served on the board of directors for the Utah Advertising Federation where she was elected club president in 1988. Under her leadership, the Utah Advertising Federation was honored as the AAF Club of the Year in 1989, and Joanne was subsequently named President of the Year. From 1990 to 1993, Joanne was the executive director of the Advertising Club of Los Angeles where she managed this major market with over 1,200 members. In 1993 Joanne was responsible for the club taking top honors as AAF Club of the Year.

After joining the AAF, Joanne used her knowledge of club management to write and conduct training seminars and workshops. The Association Leadership Training Program, a program that emphasizes membership retention efforts, strategic planning and volunteerism, has not only helped clubs grow and develop new ideas for club management, but it has also greatly enhanced AAF’s value to member clubs. Many of the clubs that Joanne has worked with have received awards in the AAF National Club Achievement Award Competition.

Joanne also works closely with the AAF Council of Governors, assuring their goals are met, their voices are heard and that each district maintains relevance and value to AAF’s member clubs. In conjunction with the districts, Joanne also manages the AAF club services department, which is responsible for the services and benefits available to AAF member clubs.

Because of her background as a club executive director, Joanne is also the staff liaison to AAF’s executive directors network. This valuable group of AAF members represents a vital link to the continuity of membership with AAF, and Joanne has always reached out to this important constituency by making herself available to answer questions, offer suggestions and provide information and advice.

Joanne has served, nurtured and guided club presidents, district governors, executive directors and members of AAF’s national board of directors and has played a significant role in the member’s understanding and appreciation of the AAF. To quote some of our members:

“Trying to keep these 200 clubs in sync with contemporary business practices to ensure the success of their organizations is no easy task. Yet she manages to do it in such a calm controlled manner that you feel her every word is addressed to your specific need. No matter what size the club may be she treats each one equally, fairly and respectfully.”

“Joanne has learned to manage the toughest questions and come out of the meeting with strong support for the American Advertising Federation from the vast majority of the participants.”

“My lesson learned from Joanne is that we can all help somewhere—maybe with just one member or just one club or just one district. But the collective efforts of many of us helping just a little bit can be enormous.”