AAF Announces Recipients of Prestigious Service Awards

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The American Advertising Federation (AAF) announced this week the recipients of the prestigious Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award and the Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award. Chan Bell will receive the Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award and Robin Miller, executive director of Advertising Federation of Louisville,will receive the Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award. The awards will be presented during the AAF National Conference 2009, June 4-6, in Arlington, Va.

The Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award was established by the American Advertising Federation board of directors to recognize distinguished individuals for their volunteer service to advertising through their work with the AAF. The Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award was established to recognize and honor employees of AAF member clubs, federations, districts and the national AAF.

Robin Miller joined the Advertising Federation of Louisville in 2001 as Executive Director. Since that time she has been the driving force behind the growth and national recognition of this 750 member Division 1 club.

Robin has worked tirelessly to assure that the Advertising Federation of Louisville achieves membership growth, maintains its financial health and serves the needs of its members and local advertising industry. She has guided the development of marketing initiatives, professional development programs, public service campaigns and countless other projects. Robin’s keen financial stewardship has allowed the Advertising Federation of Louisville to remain financially healthy and thrive, in a time when many similar organizations are struggling. Robin’s generosity and commitment have been demonstrated by her willingness to work successfully in the AAF network at the local, district and national level including her assistance and attention to the accuracy of the National ADDY Awards Competition.

For nearly 40 years, Chan Bell, beloved wife of former AAF President Howard Bell, served as the unofficial “First Lady” of the American Advertising Federation: during the 24 years of Howard’s presidency and in an “emeritus” capacity after his resignation. Chan, who was dearly loved by AAF members across the country, passed away in December 2008.

While meeting with friends at an AAF Conference in Seattle, Chan conceived the idea of creating District 19, whose sole criteria for membership was that the individual be past his or her time in an official capacity with the AAF. In 1987, when Florida passed a tax on advertising, the AAF board of directors and staff staged a major protest rally in Orlando during the national conference that resulted in the repeal of that tax. Chan played a key role in the planning of the rally and was one of the proud and excited standard bearers in that historic protest march. Additionally, Chan Bell introduced the AAF to Bart Cummings, the namesake of this prestigious award, so the circle is completed as Chan is awarded the Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award.

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